Founder & CEO

Nickname: Boss Lady
Favorite Flavor: Polar Rising by New Norm
Passions: Travel, Interior Design, Architecture, and Work
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “We have the most amazing team and guests. I love the community we have created where everyone is welcome and can feel at home in our stores.”

Nick Z

Director of Operations

Nickname: Z-Wack
Favorite Flavor: Pina Colada
Passions: Rum Running in the Caribbean
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “We have the best TEAM members in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota!”


Regional Manager, West Region

Nickname: "I don't have one!" says the guy who went by Cade for 4 years
Favorite Flavor: Peachy Mango Pineapple by Pachamama
Passions: Learning, Music, Comedy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I get to help others come up through the ranks like I did and learn lessons that will stick with them forever!”


Regional Manager, East Region

Nickname: "I don't really have one."
Favorite Flavor: Peach Mango Guava Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: "I play bass and a lot of video games."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Ohana means family. Everything from the individual store teams to the company as a whole feels like family.”


Head of Product & Logistics

Nickname: Trick Daddy
Favorite Flavor: Bogart by Gen V
Passions: DIY Projects, Hanging Out with Family, Watching Shark Tank
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I originally fell in love with working at Gen V due to the inviting team members that made me feel like family. However, my love for working at Generation V has grown over the years. Gen V has offered me countless opportunities to grow, not only within the company, but in my day-to-day life. Investing in me as a person and a valued team member.”


Retail Buyer

Nickname: Pbarn
Favorite Flavor: Riding Shotgun by Prohibition
Passions: Music, Global Politics, and Cycling
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Positive company culture.”


Retail Buyer

Nickname: Spookas
Favorite Flavor: Chubby Blue Razz
Passions: Magic the Gathering, Music, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Gen V has allowed me to grow professionally and socially with opportunities of working a high pace retail floor and also allowing me to learn more of how the back end of a business works. The community and team we have established has made Gen V the best place to work.”


Logistics Coordinator

Nickname: Fool
Favorite Flavor: Mango Peach Guava Ice
Passions: Guitar, Long Boarding, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The family like atmosphere that I get to experience with our team and guests!”


Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Nickname: Gen Xer
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: Cacti, Coffee, Visual Arts
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The TEAM, the creativity, and the energy!”


Finance Analyst/Office Manager

Nickname: Big Mike
Favorite Flavor: Apple Peach Ice by 7 Daze 🤤
Passions: Self Growth and Self Education
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love the fun and friendly work environment, as well as the insane desire to win.”


Store Manager, Omaha

Nickname: Condor the Wizard
Favorite Flavor: Green Apple by Skwezed
Passions: Being a Professional Goofball, Video Games, Listening to Music, and Making People Laugh
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love helping people make a healthy switch to vaping, also hearing about how the company has helped change guests lives for the better!”


Store Manager, Omaha

Nickname: Yayden
Favorite Flavor: Poser by New Norm or Brain Freeze by Naked 100
Passions: Twitch Streamer and Digital Artist
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Helping people, I love to hear stories about my guests telling me they put down cigarettes. It brings me so much joy!”


Store Manager, Bellevue

Nickname: N/A
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry by The One
Passions: "Building computers are a major passion of mine, but really I love anything to do with technology. Photography is an up and coming hobby for me, and I hope to shoot events and weddings in the future."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love getting to be a part of our guests lives, and getting to know them beyond just what flavors they like. Gen V is a home away from home for a ton of people, and I'm proud to be a part of that.”

Nick P

Store Manager, Council Bluffs

Nickname: Pfender
Favorite Flavor: Bluetiful Disaster by Transistor
Passions: Woodworking, Metalworking, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Meeting all the unique people that come through the door.”


Store Manager, Davenport

Nickname: Cam (or Thunderhawk)
Favorite Flavor: Spearmint by BLVK Unicorn
Passions: Sports (Disc Golf), Listening to Music, and Spending Ridiculous Amounts of Money on Caffeine
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Open community, being able to have fun and interesting conversations with my TEAM and guests. Also being able to have a positive impact on my hometown community by helping people switch to vaping!”


Store Manager, Brookings

Nickname: Depends who you ask. I've been Captain Patchy, P-Fresh, P-Dog, Vape God. Take your pick.
Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lush by Finest
Passions: Longboarding, Reading, Learning, and Gaming
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Where to start, I've never found another company that was so willing to develop it's people and grow them to their full potential. We have fun while learning and growing as people, and our philosophies of making lives better align!”


Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Lex
Favorite Flavor: Peach Ice by Candy Pop
Passions: Music, Art, Cooking, My Dog
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The team members are all amazing and helpful. We are truly one big family and I wouldn't find this anywhere else. We all support each other and help each other grow within ourselves and the company!”


Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Biglearner
Favorite Flavor: Mixed Berry Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: Fishing, Axe Throwing, and Working with My Hands
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The inviting atmosphere and everybody is always willing to help out where help is needed. You feel like you are going to visit a friend rather than going to work.”

Nick D

Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Toad
Favorite Flavor: Kryp by Cosmic Fog
Passions: Music, Guitar, Helping Others
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “My goal in life is to help people live their best life. I smoked cigarettes for 8 years and thankfully was shown vaping. Love helping people be healthier and get excited when people are ready for the switch. It's also very exciting to see people start with a high nicotine or salt juice and over the months or years see them go down to little or no nicotine.”


Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Tay
Favorite Flavor: Mango Berry by Finest
Passions: Making Lives Better & Painting
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “How inclusive all the Team Members are, and the relationships I build with guests who come in regularly.”


Store Manager, Beatrice

Nickname: B
Favorite Flavor: Blueberry by The One
Passions: Hanging Out with Friends, Working on Cars, and Making People Happy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The family aspect and the thought and care that goes into team members and company.”


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.