Founder & CEO

Nickname: Boss Lady
Favorite Flavor: Polar Rising by New Norm
Passions: Travel, Interior Design, Architecture, and Work
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “We have the most amazing team and guests. I love the community we have created where everyone is welcome and can feel at home in our stores.”

Nick Z

Director of Operations

Nickname: Z-Wack
Favorite Flavor: Pina Colada
Passions: Rum Running in the Caribbean
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “We have the best TEAM members in Nebraska and Iowa!”


Regional Manager, West Region

Nickname: "I don't have one!" says the guy who went by Cade for 4 years
Favorite Flavor: Peachy Mango Pineapple by Pachamama
Passions: Learning, Music, Comedy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I get to help others come up through the ranks like I did and learn lessons that will stick with them forever!”


Regional Manager, East Region

Nickname: "I don't really have one."
Favorite Flavor: Peach Mango Guava Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: "I play bass and a lot of video games."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Ohana means family. Everything from the individual store teams to the company as a whole feels like family.”


Head of Product & Logistics

Nickname: Trick Daddy
Favorite Flavor: Bogart by Gen V
Passions: DIY Projects, Hanging Out with Family, Watching Shark Tank
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I originally fell in love with working at Gen V due to the inviting team members that made me feel like family. However, my love for working at Generation V has grown over the years. Gen V has offered me countless opportunities to grow, not only within the company, but in my day-to-day life. Investing in me as a person and a valued team member.”


Retail Buyer

Nickname: Pbarn
Favorite Flavor: Riding Shotgun by Prohibition
Passions: Music, Global Politics, and Cycling
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Positive company culture.”


Retail Buyer

Nickname: Spookas
Favorite Flavor: Chubby Blue Razz
Passions: Magic the Gathering, Music, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Gen V has allowed me to grow professionally and socially with opportunities of working a high pace retail floor and also allowing me to learn more of how the back end of a business works. The community and team we have established has made Gen V the best place to work.”


Logistics Coordinator

Nickname: Fool
Favorite Flavor: Mango Peach Guava Ice
Passions: Guitar, Long Boarding, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The family like atmosphere that I get to experience with our team and guests!”


Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Nickname: Gen Xer
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: Cacti, Coffee, Visual Arts
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The TEAM, the creativity, and the energy!”


Finance Analyst/Office Manager

Nickname: Big Mike
Favorite Flavor: Apple Peach Ice by 7 Daze 🤤
Passions: Self Growth and Self Education
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love the fun and friendly work environment, as well as the insane desire to win.”


Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Chrane
Favorite Flavor: Pink Lemonade by Element
Passions: Video Games, Cats
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love to work at gen v because of the family connection that has been created and grown through my years in the company.”

Nick D

Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Toad
Favorite Flavor: Kryp by Cosmic Fog
Passions: Music, Guitar, Helping Others
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “My goal in life is to help people live their best life. I smoked cigarettes for 8 years and thankfully was shown vaping. Love helping people be healthier and get excited when people are ready for the switch. It's also very exciting to see people start with a high nicotine or salt juice and over the months or years see them go down to little or no nicotine.”


Store Manager, Lincoln

Nickname: Lex
Favorite Flavor: Peach Ice by Candy Pop
Passions: Music, Art, Cooking, My Dog
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The team members are all amazing and helpful. We are truly one big family and I wouldn't find this anywhere else. We all support each other and help each other grow within ourselves and the company!”


Store Manager, Beatrice

Nickname: B
Favorite Flavor: Blueberry by The One
Passions: Hanging Out with Friends, Working on Cars, and Making People Happy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The family aspect and the thought and care that goes into team members and company.”


Store Manager, Bellevue

Nickname: N/A
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry by The One
Passions: "Building computers are a major passion of mine, but really I love anything to do with technology. Photography is an up and coming hobby for me, and I hope to shoot events and weddings in the future."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love getting to be a part of our guests lives, and getting to know them beyond just what flavors they like. Gen V is a home away from home for a ton of people, and I'm proud to be a part of that.”


Store Manager, Omaha

Nickname: Jake.
Favorite Flavor: Lem'n Berry by Transistor
Passions: Family, Magic the Gathering, Video Games, Disc Golf
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love working at Gen V because on a daily basis I get to help people make their lives better by getting them off of cigarettes and keeping families together longer, all while working alongside a great team of diverse people.”


Store Manager, Omaha

Nickname: Yayden
Favorite Flavor: Poser by New Norm or Brain Freeze by Naked 100
Passions: Twitch Streamer and Digital Artist
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Helping people, I love to hear stories about my guests telling me they put down cigarettes. It brings me so much joy!”

Nick P

Store Manager, Council Bluffs

Nickname: Pfender
Favorite Flavor: Bluetiful Disaster by Transistor
Passions: Woodworking, Metalworking, Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Meeting all the unique people that come through the door.”


Store Manager, Davenport

Nickname: Cam (or Thunderhawk)
Favorite Flavor: Spearmint by BLVK Unicorn
Passions: Sports (Disc Golf), Listening to Music, and Spending Ridiculous Amounts of Money on Caffeine
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Open community, being able to have fun and interesting conversations with my TEAM and guests. Also being able to have a positive impact on my hometown community by helping people switch to vaping!”


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.