Founder & CEO

Nickname: Boss Lady
Favorite Flavor: Polar Rising by New Norm
Passions: Travel, Interior Design, Architecture, and Business Strategy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “We have the most amazing team and guests. I love the community we have created where everyone is welcome and can feel at home in our stores.”



Nickname: Kaddy
Favorite Flavor: "How can I pick just one?"
Passions: Hanging out with friends and family, watching football, hunting, and playing golf
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Generation V is a melting pot of personalities, opinions, and interests. You can be yourself and enjoy other people’s interest. It’s easy to enjoy our job when you are surrounded by passionate and enjoyable team members.”


Director of Product & Marketing

Nickname: JC
Favorite Flavor: Bogart by Generation V
Passions: DIY Projects, hanging out with family, and being a Dad
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I originally fell in love with working at Gen V due to the inviting team members that made me feel like family. However, my love for working at Generation V has grown over the years. Gen V has offered me countless opportunities to grow, not only within the company, but in my day-to-day life. Investing in me as a person and a valued team member.”


Human Resources Manager

Nickname: Cool Mom
Favorite Flavor: Apple Original Iced by 7 Daze
Passions: My family, building balloon arches and banners for events, a healthy lifestyle with a good balance of sweet baked goods!
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “What's not to love? The culture in second to none with some of the greatest people on earth working on the team! There are endless opportunities for professional and personal development. And best of all, being part of this winning team!!”


Head of Retail

Nickname: "I don't have one!" says the guy who went by Cade for 4 years
Favorite Flavor: Peachy Mango Pineapple by Pachamama
Passions: Learning, Music, Comedy
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I get to help others come up through the ranks like I did and learn lessons that will stick with them forever!”


Regional Mentor, West Region

Nickname: Steve
Favorite Flavor: Carango by Transistor
Passions: Coil Building, Firearms, Fishing, and Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Every shop I go to feels like a family. Always welcome atmosphere.”


Regional Mentor, Central Region

Nickname: Tay
Favorite Flavor: Watermelon Appleberry SWFT Icon
Passions: Art, Harry Potter, and helping others
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “How inclusive the company is, the relationships I get to build with the team and the guests, getting to have fun every day!”


Regional Mentor, East Region

Nickname: None
Favorite Flavor: Blue Razz by Chubby Bubble
Passions: Mixing/Recording Music, Board Games, Shooting Pool, & Spending Time with Loved Ones
Why I Love Working at Gen V: : “I love the interpersonal relationships that we create everyday. I love the TEAM environment and forever focus on making ourselves better; both personally and professionally.”


Creative Director

Nickname: Gen Xer
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: Cacti, Coffee, Visual Arts
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The TEAM, the creativity, and the energy!”


Finance Analyst

Nickname: Dolla
Favorite Flavor: Left Cheek by Banana Butt
Passions: League of Legends, Plants, Climbing, and League of Legends
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I have never worked for a company where everyone is so bought into the same culture and vision and now that I have felt that, I don't think I could ever go back!”


Digital Manager

Nickname: According to Kenny, Charlie
Favorite Flavor: Triple Berry Ice by Pod Juice
Passions: Professional Wrestling, Swimming, Graphic Design
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "I started as a guest at Gen V and always appreciated the environment in store. While working here, I've always felt appreciated and valued by everybody in the company. I've built amazing relationships and have been given a lot of opportunity!"


Vendor Relations Manager

Nickname: Pbarn
Favorite Flavor: Riding Shotgun by Prohibition
Passions: Music, Global Politics, and Cycling
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Positive company culture.”


Purchasing Analyst

Nickname: Dev
Favorite Flavor: Lychee by BLVK
Passions: "My cat, playing and listening to music, gaming of course"
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Generation V is the only organization I’ve worked for that actually cares about it’s guest base and team. This company has been as loyal to me as I have been to it and given me opportunities that previous jobs would never have offered.”


Warehouse Manager

Nickname:"I just kinda go by Jesse. hahaha"
Favorite Flavor: "Anything Lemon"
Passions:Audio Engineering, Music Production, Cannabis Research, and Automotive Research/Modification
Why I Love Working at Gen V:"I have always had a passion for providing help to the public in one way or another and at Gen V, I am surrounded by people with that same passion! It feels great to be able to work for and with people who really care about the well being of others!"


Warehouse Operator

Nickname: Xander
Favorite Flavor: Straw. Lemon
Passions: Food, games, friends, and family
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "Having an awesome team I can trust and rely on!"


Warehouse Operator

Nickname: No Nickname
Favorite Flavor: Any Lemon Flavor
Passions: "Playing video games and board games."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "Good pay and a great team!"


Store Leader, Davenport

Nickname: Kenna
Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lush Menthol by The Finest
Passions: I'm a Photographer, I love capturing precious moments and beautiful scenery. I also love interior design and remodeling!
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love working at gen v because its like a second family to me where every single person here is passionate about what they do and actually care for one another and meeting and seeing so many people and learning their stories, I love making lives better!”

Hunter F

Store Leader, Council Bluffs

Nickname: Furler
Favorite Flavor: Pineapple Mango Orange by 7Daze
Passions: Art, video games, randomly learning new things
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “All of the amazing people I’ve met and friends I have made while I’ve been here. It really feels like a second home and is such a fun and helpful place to work.”

Zach K

Senior Store Leader, Bellevue

Nickname: Kula
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry by The One
Passions: "Building computers are a major passion of mine, but really I love anything to do with technology. Photography is an up and coming hobby for me, and I hope to shoot events and weddings in the future."
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love getting to be a part of our guests lives, and getting to know them beyond just what flavors they like. Gen V is a home away from home for a ton of people, and I'm proud to be a part of that.”


Store Leader, Omaha

Nickname: Ty, Gray
Favorite Flavor: Bluetiful Disaster by Transistor
Passions: Vaping! Animals, video games, anime, watch collecting, firearms, mma, outdoors, traveling.
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Gen V was the first vape store I’ve come in to where they treat you like a person, care about your specific choices in flavors, and tailor to your needs not their own. As a veteran stationed and deployed in multiple areas, Gen V still out performs in hospitality, prices, returns, and discounts from any other store I’ve visited both in and out of the US. I’m proud and thrilled to be on the Gen V team in our mission to make lives better!”


Store Leader, Omaha

Nickname: Joey
Favorite Flavor: Peach Pear by Juice Head
Passions: Astrophysics and Video Games
Why I Love Working at Gen V: They treat me like family


Store Leader, Omaha

Nickname: Rat King
Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lush Menthol by Finest
Passions: D&D, 3D Printing, Video Games, Building Gundam's
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The culture and community. I love the guests that I meet and interact with. Forging friendships with them and personally investing in their happiness and well-being. Making a home away from home for our guests.”


Store Leader, Omaha

Nickname: Jess
Favorite Flavor: Watermelon Cherry and Peach Berry
Passions: My family, my career, my pets
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "Coming into this company made me feel like I finally had a place to belong."


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: Lex
Favorite Flavor: Mint no. 1 by TWIST
Passions: Music, Art, Cooking, My Dog
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The team members are all amazing and helpful. We are truly one big family and I wouldn't find this anywhere else. We all support each other and help each other grow within ourselves and the company!”

Nick D

Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: Toad
Favorite Flavor: Kryp by Cosmic Fog
Passions: Music, Guitar, Helping Others
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “My goal in life is to help people live their best life. I smoked cigarettes for 8 years and thankfully was shown vaping. Love helping people be healthier and get excited when people are ready for the switch. It's also very exciting to see people start with a high nicotine or salt juice and over the months or years see them go down to little or no nicotine.”


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: P-Strat or just Strat
Favorite Flavor: the best Juice out there Skwezed Green apple original no other green apple will compare
Passions: I'm a big nerd so I play a lot of video games, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons . But I love the outdoors to, i do a lot of Frisbee golf, grilling and fishing.
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “Over my 5 plus years here this team has shown me how to be a hard worker while having fun. This experience has turned from work in to a family. I'm be on grateful for the opportunities this company has given me and I know they also appreciate what I've done for them.”


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: Day, Dayday, Dabloon
Favorite Flavor: Aloe Grape by Pod Juice
Passions: Learning Life Skills, Gaming, Making Others Smile
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "I feel, here, I can really express myself and I feel encouraged to be the best me I can be here. The mission statement, "make lives better", is more than a statement here. Everyone works to better each other and each one of our guests!"


Store Leader, Lincoln

Nickname: Flannel Lewis
Favorite Flavor: Twist Mint no. 1
Passions: Music, art, skateboarding, videography
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "I think the environment is amazing, and I love being able to interact with so many new people everyday."

Zach F

Store Leader, North Platte

Nickname: Zach
Favorite Flavor: Serenity by Zen Haus
Passions: MMA/jiu-jitsu - Jeep stuff - playing video games especially retro games.
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "I love being a part of Generation V because of the people and the core values. Very few places do you get to express yourself and actually love what you do and GenV provides that environment!"


Store Leader, Beatrice

Nickname: NutMeg
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry Banana Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster
Passions: My kiddos and Sims
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “I love the vibe, everyone here just has their own shine and I love the way it meshes.”


Store Leader, York

Nickname: Chelle/Chelle Bell
Favorite Flavor: Iced Straw Mango by Taylor Salt or Strawberry Crunch or Mixed Berries by Taylor
Passions: Family, (Grand Children), friends, helping others, campfires and music!
Why I Love Working at Gen V: "Working with a group of people that make you feel like you are family! Going to work every day is a joy! A TEAM that is about leadership and building one up! They encourage enrichment by offering the available tools to lead others, to learn, and most of all to grow not only within the company but in every day life! You can not put a price on that!"


Store Leader, Seward

Nickname: Jenny or Jen
Favorite Flavor: Apple Peach Strawberry by Coastal Clouds
Passions: Hiking, Wake Boarding, Painting, Going on Walks with My Dog
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “My main goal in life is to help people and do what I can to make the sun shine a little brighter for anyone around me. At Gen V, I get to do that everyday, whether it’s helping my team members grow as people/ leaders or helping our guests chose a healthier alternative!”


Store Leader, Kearney

Nickname: Rooster
Favorite Flavor: Cinnamon Milk
Passions: "I love Art, Music and my family"
Why I Love Working at Gen V: I love working at Gen V because it's a company that not only care's about it's team members but both encourages and fosters us to be individuals and grow as people. The fun loving accepting and awesome environment is clear through out every location and lets be honest it's fun!


Store Leader, Sioux Falls

Nickname: Parks
Favorite Flavor: Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Ripe
Passions: Meeting/Helping People, Cooking (more so messing around with ingredients since I’m not that good yet), Hanging Out with Friends/Family and My Dog
Why I Love Working at Gen V: “The culture and the atmosphere. Everyone gets so close like a family. I feel comfortable talking to anyone, even the CEO! That’s never happened at any other job I’ve had. There is also endless possibilities of moving up in the company and bettering my life at the same time, and that’s something I’ve been looking for, for a long time.”


Store Leader, Brookings

Nickname: "People used to call me Flash cause I was a sprinter, I don’t know if it was technically a “nickname” though 😂"
Favorite Flavor: Fuji Apple by Pachamama
Passions: My passions are my music, and mine and my friend’s company
Why I Love Working at Gen V: I just started! I'll let you know soon!


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.