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Bigger isn't always better.  Slimming down isn't just for the beach anymore!  Introducing The Side Piece Slim by Purge Mods, a dual 18650 powerhouse of a Mech MOD.

Side Piece Slim 18650 Mech Mod By Purge Mods

Bigger isn't always better.  Slimming down isn't just for the beach anymore!  Introducing The Side Piece Slim by Purge Mods, a dual 18650 powerhouse of a Mech MOD.  Just like its bigger brother, the new Side Piece Slim is an incredibly powerful mechanical mod sporting unique and innovative designs that will rocket-launch both your aesthetic and your performance to unimaginable heights. Finally going for the easy pun, the Side Piece Slim is activated by applying pressure to the side-mounted ULTEM firing bar embedded in the side of the metal chassis. This bar uses a solid piece of copper to close the circuit between your atomizer and your battery, creating a thoroughly ergonomic experience not long after ergonomics were willingly thrown to the wayside in favor of bottom-switch mods. Oh, how we've learned. Milled from a single solid piece of metal, the Side Piece Slim boasts impeccable conductivity that has to be played with to be believed, and the punch this dual-celled mod conceals in such a small package is a feat all its own, simultaneously proving the Side Piece Slim's unique advantages in performance and Purge Mods' consistently reliable excellence in mechanical vape design and construction. 

Hard shell carrying case included.

Batteries Available HERE

DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ: This device is a competition device and is not for beginners.  This device can be dangerous if used incorrectly.  Before purchasing this device be sure you understand how to safely use this device.
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