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HOG Flower by Forbidden Flower

HOG CBD Flower by Forbidden Flower

If you prefer an all-natural CBD route, hemp flower is a great solution. Urth's premium product is grown out of the best farms in Colorado and Oregon. It is then slow dried, 60-day cured and hand-trimmed to provide you with the highest quality hemp flower experience. In addition, all Forbidden Flower products are between 16% and 25% CBD and as always, less than 0.3% THC, giving you all the benefits CBD has to offer.

HOG, a mix of Hindu Kush (Indica) and Afghani (Indica), its strong smelly smell usually makes the headlines. Its impressive full-bodied CBD can leave you in awe with zero muscle fatigue. This extremely rare Indica strain is pure satisfaction. Hog is one of the few Indica strains you feel comfortable medicating with all day without getting physically drained. This light orange-haired crystalized strain is sweet in smell and smooth in taste.


  • Contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by volume
  • Between 16% and 25% CBD
  • 3.5g or 7g jar
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