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Deathwish Modz

  • Deathwish Modz Evil Twin Stacked Set features a demonic duo with the Evil Twin Stack Mech MOD & the Unholy RDA V2. With its devilish engraved design, the Evil Twin Mech MOD is a series mechanical mod that stacks two 18650 or 20650 in series for a staggering power boost.
    Evil Twin Stacked Mod RDA Kit by Deathwish Modz
  • This heavy duty mechanical vaping platform can handle all you throw at it and more, thanks to the paired configuration of 18650, 20650, or 20700 battery cells. And if all else fails, the Infected 20700 Series Mech Box can double as weapon to fend off endless waves of the undead!
    Infected 20700 Series Mechanical Box MOD by Deathwish Modz
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  • The Ripper is a Limited Edition Crossbones stacked mod V2 & Unholy RDA V2 combo, available in stainless steel, gunmetal, copper & brass with only 500 units produced in a single and final batch.
    The Ripper Stacked Mod by Deathwish Modz
    $224.99 Choose Options
  • The amazing new tube & RDA by Deathwish Modz is here! Bask in the glory of the WICKED WITCH mod and UNHOLY V2 RDA!
    Wicked Witch Tube Mod RDA Kit by Deathwish Modz
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