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  • Asmodus has announced the release of the Minikin Boost! The Minikin Boost retains the same body structure as its predecessor but with additional features a magnetic battery door, an enlarged asMODus logo on the door of the device, a maximum power output of 155.0 watts, and the implementation of the new "Curve" firing mode.
    Minikin Boost 155W Box Mod by Asmodus
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  • asMODus proudly presents the reincarnation of the Minikin! The Minikin Reborn features a redesigned battery door that now features magnetized closure which improves on both aesthetics and functionality.
    Minikin REBORN 168W Box Mod by Asmodus
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  • The Oni R188 Fidget Spinner was crafted to calm your nerves and keep you occupied, no matter where you happen to be. The R188 Fidget Hand Spinner by asMODus is powered by a high quality bearing which will maximize spin time and smoothness.
    Oni R188 Bearing Fidget Spinner by Asmodus
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  • collaborating with ULTRONER once again to make the successor to the EOS, the EOS II, a more ergonomic device and an upgraded chipset! The EOS II features the GX-180-UTC, a chipset that packs a punch and saves battery life.
    ULTRONER EOS II 180W Box Mod by Asmodus
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  • A luxurious collaboration between asMODus and Ultroner, the Luna Squonk 80W BF Box Mod presents a high-end unregulated squonking device featuring 7mL squonk bottle capacity and stabilized wood construction.
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