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Top Ten Flavors to Celebrate Summer

Posted by Chantrey Schulke on

Summer is on it's way out, and it was HOT! So to beat the heat I have compiled a list of Juicy, Fresh, Cool Premium E-Liquid. Check out each of these awesome flavors, give em a whirl. See if it helps you stay cool this Summer!


A personal favorite is Brain Freeze by Naked 100. Looking for something cold, but fruity? Really like kiwi but can’t find anything well balanced with fruit? Enjoy pomegranate but can’t find anything with it? Good news! Brain Freeze is all about that. A consistent and dependable flavor you can return to time and time again. Nice to your coils, your throat, and your mother! You really can’t ask for more from a juice. Take it from someone who has vaped so much Brain Freeze that it’s replaced my blood that this juice is the best!


Mango Reds Ice Apple Juice will blow you away with its flavor. Having a cold mango on a hot 100-degree day is a perfect feeling. With a juicy inhale and ice-cold exhale, you’ll beat the heat! The balance between fruity, sweet, and cool really makes this guy stand out compared to other Mango Menthols. Often they come across as too cold, or sweet. Mango Reds balanced the two flavors in a smooth dependable hit every time. This juice is also available in Salt Nic for your favorite Pod device if you are on the go.

Chubby Purp has been a go-to for many people for a long while now. A delicious mix of Grape Bubblegum, this juice will leave you nostalgic for summer days. With a sweet Grape mixed with juicy Bubblegum, Chubby Purp has perfected the straightforward flavor profile. 

Howlie is a tantalizing mix of Sweet Gummy Bear, Pineapple, and other Tropical Fruits. As crowd favorite here at Generation V we really enjoy having our guests try out Howlie and seeing them smile. It is the ideal summer vape. Howlie was designed by Swell Vape Co and originally came in glass bottles with the Iconic Swell logo. We brought back Howlie due to popular demand in a stylish new Chubby bottle and revamped logo design. 


Another Shop favorite has to be the Iconic Pango. A sweet mix of Pineapple and Mango by those Extraterrestrials Transistor. Pango was released for the first time at our Lincoln North Location to great success. One could say Pango Invaded Generation V. If you are looking for something sweet, but unlike what you have had before give Pango a whirl. Savor the tart Pineapple and enjoy that smooth fruity Mango exhale. 

Humble has seen some great flavor combinations, the best in the line in this Bloggers' opinion has to be Donkey Kahn. It is a fabulous mix of Dragon Fruit, Banana, and Strawberry. This juice employs a delicious Banana without crossing into bakery territory. It stays light and airy but doesn't overwhelm. A perfect Juice to vape while playing some PS2 and hanging with your friends


Personally, I am a huge sucker for anything Kiwi. Rounds really knocked it out with this great Apple Kiwi Combination. It stays cool and smooth with a great Tart Apple undertone. It is a good juice to keep your coils but still have a sweet juice. With a definite Candy taste, without leaving the Fruity behind, Enjoy this juice with a tall glass of Lemonade. 

Speaking of Lemonade. Have you tried this yet?? You should. It tastes Exactly. Like. Lemonade. It is amazing for those hot August Days at the Fair. This juice is definitely giving Element Pink Lemonade a run for its money. You really can't go wrong with such a classic flavor for this summer. Try this guy, then try the rest of the line, none of them disappoint with their clear flavors and pack a punch taste.

Do you like Fuji Apples? Strawberries? Nectarines? We have juice for you! Seriously, Fuji Apple is popular for a reason, a super smooth tasty combination of all the most perfect fruits. Keep on rocking that summer feeling all day with this guy, Fuji will stand out to you time and time again. 

Last but certainly not least. Peach Gummies by Candy Pop. This juice was hugely popular when it dropped and continues to fly, tasting exactly like Peach rings from the gas station this Candy Juice will leave you wanting more once that 100mls runs through. The best part is it is available in a Menthol version for our Guests who like that ice-cold feeling. Super Peachy and super Sweet you cannot go wrong with this guy. It tickles that craving you have had all month and satisfies your sweet tooth.


This List of Juice was brought to you by your very biased Blogger, Chantrey. Hope you guys enjoy, find something new, and try something that blows your mind! As always,

Happy Vaping!


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