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The New and Improved Hammer of God by Vaperz Cloud

Posted by Chantrey Schulke on


Hammer of God Review

by Chantrey Schulke

June 17th, 2019

The HOG is back!  Vaperz Cloud has knocked it out of the park with the redesign of the Hammer of God. If you want to vape clouds Thor himself would be jealous of, then this mod is for you. A seamless compact body, matched with dynamic colors and crisp engraving sets this device apart from other high end Mechanical Mods. The HOG combines style, power, and efficiency in a classic box style.

How does the new Hammer of God compare to previous versions?

The HOG was redesigned with all new materials for the body and button. While keeping the classic design of the Hammer of God V3. This mod features silver plated copper contacts, a streamlined flush to the body button, and an anodized aluminum body.

The button is notable for its flush design, deep throw, and stiff response. Vaperz Cloud moved away from the square button seen on the HOG V4 and replaced it with a classic, circle button.

The new materials for the body also sport a nice clear paint job and crisp engraving. This gives the mod a much lighter and smoother hand feel. The paint is anodized making it more paint resilient and less likely to rub off or chip. to rubbing and chipping with the anodization.

The bottom door also has a spring assisted open latch giving it a secure feel.


Taking four 18650s and clocking in at 8.4 volts, this device offers the user double the usual battery life seen in most  Mechanical Mods. The HOG runs in a parallel-series orientation, reducing the usual strain placed on batteries, assisting with battery life. Remember to always use good  battery safety practices with your devices.

What does Parallel-Series mean?

Parallel-Series is essentially describing how the batteries work together. Parallel describes two batteries working in tandem and draining at the same time. Series describes two batteries that work together to produce twice the power. The batteries in the new Hammer of God are set up to run Parallel on each side of the battery compartment to improve the battery life and used together in series to double the power.

RDA Recommendations

Many different RDAs would work beautifully with the HOG. Sticking to the larger 30mm RDAs would not only look best but allow you extra room for building, the recommended ohm for your build must be above a .3 to keep both you and your new mod safe. Generally a build that would reach those specifications would be JBOI Series coils, or a large hand built set.  A few RDAs that would pair nicely with the HOG are the:

 Happy Vaping!


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