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The Amighty by Asmodus

Posted by Chantrey Schulke on

Asmodus Amighty 100w Device

June 25th 2019

Compact, Light weight, Single battery, and versatile. The Amighty hits all the right notes for beginning to experienced Vapers. From its rubberized metal body  to easy to use touch screen, it screams function without sacrificing good looks. 

Touch Screen:

The touch screen on this device is straightforward and easy to use. After powering on your device the screen is bright and fully colored. A simple swipe from the top to the bottom unlocks the screen. To change your wattage just tap the wattage reading, then navigate to your preferred number with the direction keys. After setting the wattage, simply click the fire button twice to select and then lock in your wattage. To lock the device without fully powering down is a simple three clicks, the same to unlock. In locked mode the device will not fire or change wattage in a pocket. It also prevents you from having to wait for the device to power up when you wish to vape. To select Hard, Normal, and Soft mode you simply swipe down the screen while the screen is unlocked. 

The Body:

The body of the Amighty is sturdy and tactile to the touch. Made from a single form of metal and coated in a lovely rubber texture, this gives the user a sense of security and practicality. Asmodus has added a lovely carbon fiber grip to the backside for a pleasant hand feel with a great looking aesthetic. This device is currently offered in three stylish colors. Full black, black with red lettering, and a blue to purple ombre. The blue to purple ombre does not feature the rubberized texture. 


This device can take three battery sizes with ease. 18650, 20700 and 21700 it comes with a converter sleeve for 18650s. All three sizes fit snugly with no rattle within the body. The door for the battery compartment is the backside of the mod, it simply pulls off. The average length of battery life will differ slightly depending on size of battery and usage but will easily last you 8 hours with consistent use throughout your day. The screen features a battery readout so you can always tell when you need to switch before you need to. 

RDA, RDTA, or Sub-Ohm Tank?:

This device will run whatever you have to throw at it! A few good options are as follows:

This device has been a breeze to use! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine.

Happy Vaping!

Chantrey Rose

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