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To all our friends and fellow vapers,

On December 21, 2020, Congress passed the Omnibus Spending Bill (their annual budget). This bill contained a COVID relief package as well as an amendment to include vapor products in the PACT Act.

What does this mean?

Beginning March 27th, it will be illegal for the USPS to ship vapor products to consumers. In addition, there are arduous rules and regulations on how vapor products can be shipped, even to retail stores like ours. All shipments must have ID verification and signature upon delivery and special tax filings need to be completed monthly for every municipality and state where vapor products are being shipped.

Unfortunately, UPS and FedEx have followed suit banning ALL shipments of vapor products. Therefore, there are no longer any major carriers who will ship vapor products to consumers.

This means that, along with every other online vape retailer, will no longer be able to ship packages after March 27th.

This is devastating for us and the vaping community at large. It has been a pleasure serving our guests around the world over the past 7 years. It saddens us that we must shut down our e-commerce platform, but we are excited to greet some of you in our stores!

For our guests who live close to a Generation V retail store, we welcome you with open arms! We look forward to providing you with wow-ful guest service in-person. We also offer curbside pickup to make your visits as easy and comfortable as possible. Simply call in your order to your preferred location and we will gladly bring it out to you.

For our guests who do not live close to a Gen V store, we don’t want to say “goodbye”… instead, we will say “see you later”. We are exploring alternative ways to continue serving you. We will hopefully meet again soon as we continue our expansion across the United States.

We are truly grateful for all of your support and look forward to seeing you again!

Your Gen V Family

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