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Build Safety

Posted by Chantrey Schulke on

You ever feel like this, when someone is talking about building?:

Don't worry we have all felt like that at some point in our vaping careers. ESPECIALLY with building, a lot of math goes into the process and often when you're learning it feels immensely overwhelming. 

When I started building my very first crooked coils, I often just guessed at what I thought was safe to build. This led to mishaps of the melting wire variety or the inhaling fire variety. This could have been AVOIDED and should have been avoided with some simple understanding of Ohm's Law

Have you seen this guy floating around the internet? It's the simplest way to layout Ohm's Law. You have three things with every build you must know. 

1.The voltage of your batteries

2. Current output

3. The resistance your coil puts up

If one of these things is out of wack you'll either get an error code (if you have a regulated device) or you can potentially be running a dangerous build. Let's avoid that! 

Here's the math:

A good analogy as told by my co-worker is as follows: 

Think of a circuit, or coil, in this case, to be like water being pumped through a hose. The pressure that the pump exerts is like voltage through a wire, the flowing of the water is like Amps, and the size of the hose is like resistance. So if the hose (resistance) stays the same and the pump increases the pressure (voltage), the flow rate must also increase (Amps). Then if the pump’s pressure stays the same, but you get a smaller hose, then the amount of water flowing out the other end must also decrease. Finally, if the amount of water stayed the same, but you got a bigger hose, then the pump wouldn’t have to work as hard (Lower Volts).

The Math works exactly like that given:

I=Amps (Flow Rate)

V=Volts (“Pressure”)

R=Ohms (“Hose Size”)


To Calculate Current:

I(amps) = V(volts) ÷ R(resistance Ω) (or I = V/R)

To calculate Power:

P(power in watts) = V(volts) x I(amps)

To Calculate Resistance:

R(resistance Ω) = V(volts) ÷ I(amps)

To Calculate Voltage:

V(volts) = I(amps) x R(resistance Ω)


Happing Vaping!

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