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A Message from Generation V

Posted by Sarah Linden on

At Generation V, we are dedicated to selling only the highest quality products. We understand the confusion caused by recent headlines regarding respiratory illnesses associated with certain black-market THC products. We want to assure all current and future Generation V guests that all of our products – most importantly e-liquid, pre-filled pods, and CBD vapeables – do not contain vitamin E acetate – the ingredient believed to be causing these respiratory complications. Unlike the black-market THC cartridges, e-liquid is made from water soluble ingredients and does not contain any oils or other substances known to cause respiratory illness.

Furthermore, all of the products we sell are registered with the FDA and adhere to strict manufacturing and safety guidelines, including the use of tamper-proof seals. Transparency is a core principle at Generation V, which is why all our products list all ingredients in plain language on each package. We recommend only purchasing products from stores you can trust that follow the same careful scrutiny of products as Generation V.

Despite all of the noise in the media and the misguided and half-cocked reactions from regulators and politicians, be assured that at Generation V we remain intently focused on our mission of making lives better by providing a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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